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Pay Per Click Management Melbourne

The following are the most distinguished Pay Per Click used by organisations:
Google AdWords
Microsoft adCenter
Yahoo! Search Marketing

We will manage your PPC campaigns in Melbourne, Australia and increase your ROI (return on investment)
and reduce your overall marketing costs using a unique strategy to maximize results.

We often combine PPC with SEO initially, as PPC provides the quicker short term results and SEO is proven to be the more sustainable, giving greater ROI over the longer term.

Pay per click Melbourne, Australia

We work in conjunction with WordUp on large Search engine marketing campaigns.
WordUp is considered to be one of the best Search engine marketing companies in Melbourne, Australia to run Pay per click and adwords campaigns.

Pay Per Click Services Melbourne

How to achieve higher results with different adwords and how to reduce pay per click cost?

The following steps will explain how to get a better conversion with your ad words campaign.

1. Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines: Call to action headlines that will attract clicks rather the impressions.
When you're creating descriptive ad copy it's imperative that you manage to include your keywords in your title and description, while maintaining a delicate balance between clarity and relevance. Your ad copy should be designed so that searchers can clearly read it and understand exactly what they can expect when they click on your ad.
To get more attention and to entice your searcher to click on your ad and view your website it is important that you write highly relevant and attention-grabbing headlines. Use a call to action method that will attract the searcher to click on your ads rather than just looking at it (impressions).
This will achieve a higher Click through rate (CTR) meaning better ad conversion and reduced costs.

2. Long-Tail Search Keywords:
Long-tail keywords are more targeted. Avoid bidding on too broad or general keywords as it will not work. Broad keywords that are:

  • Basketball for sale
  • Pet shop in Clayton
  • Toyota car South Melbourne

Before you implement your AdWords campaign, you must understand exactly what it is that makes your organization stand out from the competition. By identifying your unique products and services you will clearly see how you can rise above your competitors and zone in on keywords or phrases that are unique to your business.
There are two reasons behind selecting long tail keywords. First, the competition would not be too high which means lower minimum bids. Secondly, your Conversion Rate will be better. Gather keywords that relate to what you offer otherwise the ads will not be relevant and the clicks will be wasted.
Keywords that are related to your industry and products will need to be more targeted. Great tools that we can used to find out what searcher are looking for today are:

Once the keyword list is completed we can start the next stage.

3. Build Keyword-Centric
Ad Groups should be based on different keywords. It will be a good idea to create more Ad Groups for related keywords for a successful advertising campaign. It may seem time-consuming but you would better off to create several ad Groups for different and specific targeted keywords, rather than using the same keywords for each ad group. This means that you should consider creating at least 5 ad groups. By using the specific keyword in the body of your ads you will have better control over your advert and you will get higher Click through Rates (CTR) and a better Quality Score, both of which of which will reduce your costs.

4. Use Landing Pages Focused On Each Keyword:
The landing pagers are the page that the searcher will arrive at after clicking on your ad that are more relevant to your keywords you will achieve two benefits. Firstly, you will get a higher quality score which will lower your costs. Secondly you will achieve better conversion rates which will leave more profits for your business.

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